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All Photos are of Dr. Mastro's Actual Patients.

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Your Smile Can Change Your Life - Professionally and Personally

Linda* avoided smiling. Due to spousal abuse and a serious car accident, many of her teeth were missing, and those remaining were chipped or broken. She was told repeatedly her case was impossible and that bulky dentures were her o­nly option. Determined to find an outstanding solution, she traveled worldwide and eventually consulted more than 30 dentists before she found Dr. David Mastro, a highly acclaimed cosmetic and family dentist near Atlanta. Mastro artistically created an amazingly beautiful and natural-looking smile for her—without dentures.

With personal esteem and beauty restored, she soon met the person she calls “the man of my dreams.” He lovingly refers to himself as “the smile man,” and insists Linda has the most beautiful smile he has ever seen. Soon they were married and proclaim they have never been happier.

At age 65, Katherine* was forced into retirement from a company where she had worked as an interior designer. She had other ideas, though, and was ready to take her personal and professional life in new and exciting directions.

So Katherine invested in herself in a way that touched every aspect of her facial appearance and revolutionized how others perceived her. She visited Mastro, who opened, whitened and contoured her smile. Immediately she looked years younger, more attractive and energetic. Katherine is thankful for her transformation, which she believes significantly contributes to the success of her new interior design business.

As a teenager, Grant* needed orthodontics (braces), but at the time his family was unable to do anything to help him. During the following decades, his teeth became more crowded, misshapen and unsightly. By his mid-30s, he was energetic and hardworking—but he was never as successful in his sales career as he had hoped. His love life had faltered, too. Desiring improvement in all areas of his life, he was referred by his executive coach to Dr. Mastro.

Mastro performed instant orthodontics o­n Grant, a procedure using hand-carved veneers and crowns to create perfectly aligned teeth and a magnificent smile in just two visits. A few months after his smile makeover, Grant reported that customers seemed to treat him with more respect, and sales had increased by 30 percent. Within the year, the dental staff also received an invitation to Grant’s wedding.

The Rule of 12 is a well-known tool used in projecting self-image, and is based o­n the principle that people first access us by looking at the top 12 inches of our overall appearance. Psychologists, executive coaches and matchmakers reiterate that an attractive smile communicates health and competence and opens doors to greater personal and professional potential. Far more than words, whiter, perfectly-aligned teeth influence others’ perceptions of our attractiveness and success in all areas of our lives.

Mastro’s list of Cinderella stories is endless. As Grant’s executive coach explained, “In our competitive culture talent, hard work and a loving heart are not all it takes to achieve dreams and goals or to ignite romance. Your smile is a major and powerful part of what you communicate about yourself!”

(*Names changed for confidentiality.  Individual results may vary.)



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