How long does it take if I want to change my smile?

A common question from our patients is, “How long will this take if I want to get all my teeth done?” Below is a picture of one of our actual patients as she presented at her first appointment. This lady didn’t like her smile. She and Dr. Mastro talked about her goals for straighter and whiter teeth and how he would help her. During that appointment, models are created for Dr. Mastro to use in designing the smile of her dreams. Dr. Mastro designs the teeth to fit the patients face, lips, smile himself, not depending on a lab to create the outcome.


The next appointment was to complete the upper arch, or all upper teeth. A third appointment is to complete the lower arch or all lower teeth. After each of those appointments, she left with beautiful provisionals, also referred to as “temporaries” in her mouth and thus following the third appointment, she has a perfect smile.

The provisionals (temporaries) are a very important part of designing the smile as the patient gets to both see the teeth and experience wearing them. At this stage changes can still be made prior to the final restorations being formed and seated in the mouth. The final appointment is to “seat” or place the permanent teeth in the mouth. Below is our actual patient at completion. She has the smile of her dreams:)


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