What is Gingivitis? An introduction to Gum Disease

What is Gingivitis? An Introduction to Gum Disease

What is gingivitis?  Put simply, it is swelling, inflammation or infection of the gums and the other tissues that hold the teeth in place.

Gingivitis is also known as early gum disease, with more advanced stages termed periodontal disease:

Gingivitis - This is inflamed gum tissue around the teeth, caused by dental plaque (that sticky white paste that builds up – also responsible for cavities).  Healthy gums are generally coral-pink on color and firmly attached to the teeth.  Diseased, they are deep red and swollen.  The first sign of gingivitis may be bleeding during brushing and the gums may be tender to touch. This is a reversible condition that can be improved and prevented by ensuring good dental hygiene.

Image of tartar build u[p on lower teeth

Tartar build up from poor oral hygiene

Read more http://dentalcarematters.com/gingivitis/


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